Disguised woman stabs her ex’s wife using knife that she hid in a flower bouquet

A woman from the United Kingdom is set to spend over two decades behind bars for a brutal assault, the aftermath of an ended love affair.

Clare Bailey, 44, was handed a 22-year prison sentence after admitting to an attempted murder plot that took place in June 2022.

Bailey’s targeted attack involved a concealed knife hidden within a bouquet of flowers. Disguised with a red wig and a face mask, Bailey visited Emma’s home in Harrogate, a small town in North Yorkshire.

According to the police, Bailey purchased the flowers at a local grocery store so that she could hide a large carving knife. She used this weapon to carry out her brutal attack on the unsuspecting 43-year-old, Emma.

After the attack, police finally pieced together the connection between the two women. The motive behind the violent act was an ended romantic relationship between Bailey and Emma’s husband.

Bailey’s struggle to accept the end of the affair became tragically apparent when she arrived at Emma’s doorstep. It was then that she initiated the unanticipated assault, viciously slashing and stabbing Emma in the neck, chest, stomach, and arms. The horrifying event unfolded in front of Emma’s teenage daughter, who bravely tried to intervene.

Following the incident, Bailey quickly fled to her residence in the West Midlands. Police arrested her there two days later.

Emma survived the assault but was left with severe physical injuries. She was unable to see her children during her month-long hospital stay and continues to experience physical discomfort, sleep disturbances, and traumatic memories of the incident.