Indiana man kills teen girl he offered a job to

ARLINGTON, IN – Patrick Scott, an Indiana resident, has been formally charged with the murder of his 17-year-old neighbor, Valerie Tindall. Tindall, who was last seen on June 7, had informed her parents that she was going to work for Scott, the owner of a lawn mowing business.

Authorities discovered human remains in close proximity to Scott’s property, following indications from cadaver-sniffing dogs of decomposition. Scott, 59, is suspected to be involved in Tindall’s disappearance in June, and was charged with murder after the discovery of the remains on his property in central Indiana.

Scott appeared in Rush County Circuit Court for his initial hearing on Thursday. In addition to murder, he also faces charges of obstruction of justice and false informing. He has been ordered to remain in jail without bond, and a public defender has been assigned to represent him.

Tindall, on June 7, had informed her parents of her plans to work for Scott’s lawn mowing business. According to court documents, she had met Scott earlier that day and he had driven her to his home.

Arlington is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Indianapolis. Tindall was reported missing later. On October 11, cadaver-sniffing dogs picked up the scent of decomposition near a pond on Scott’s property, but a search yielded no results.

On Tuesday, police discovered a large pile of dirt and debris on Scott’s property. Digging revealed a rectangular box wrapped in a tarp, containing human remains, including fingernails painted with orange polish. A photo posted on social media on June 7 showed Tindall with similarly painted nails.

Sheriff Allan Rice informed reporters that the remains likely belong to Tindall. “This is not the outcome we had all hoped for, but I want to stress to the public that this case is far from over,” Rice said. “Justice will be sought.”

Scott was arrested on Tuesday and, according to court documents, confessed to strangling Tindall with his belt in his home when she allegedly tried to blackmail and seduce him.