Murder-suicide at hair salon leaves owner dead before shooter took his life

A horrifying incident unfolded at an east side hair salon in Indianapolis, as the owner was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend before he turned the gun on himself. The motive behind the attack appears to be rooted in jealousy and spite, as the victim had recently moved on and found happiness with her new husband. The New Look Hair Salon, located in a strip mall on East Washington Street, was left shattered by bullets, leaving the tight-knit Haitian community in shock and mourning.

According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) homicide detectives, the victim was targeted by her ex-boyfriend. Known affectionately as TeeTee, the victim was allegeldy killed because of his dissatisfaction with her newfound happiness. Witnesses described the assailant as a man consumed by jealousy and resentment. The violent incident began with gunshots that shattered the front window of the salon, leaving one shell casing in the parking lot near the victim’s car.

Eyewitnesses at the scene recounted the chaos that ensued after the gunshots rang out. Athy Mauleth, who was attending a post-soccer game cookout with a DJ at the salon, described the panic and fear that gripped everyone present. People sought refuge and hid, while others ran to the back of the salon, desperately trying to stay quiet. It was only after the arrival of the police that Mauleth and her friends emerged from their hiding places, only to discover the tragic aftermath.

Inside the salon, pools of blood and two lifeless bodies were found, leaving a haunting scene for those who entered. A blood trail led from the parking lot to the shop, indicating the path of the violent confrontation. The victim’s car, with its door open and her purse on the floor, served as a grim reminder of the tragedy that had unfolded.

The New Look Hair Salon held a special place within the Indianapolis Haitian community, known for its tight-knit nature. The shop owner was well-regarded and remembered as a caring individual who looked out for others. She often extended her services to those who couldn’t afford them, embodying a sense of community and support. The salon served as a gathering place for the local community, and many are now mourning the tragic loss.