Police seeking man who shot a Macy’s security guard

UNION GAP, WA – Authorities are actively pursuing a man believed to have shot a security officer at a shopping center in Washington state on Monday evening. The incident occurred at Valley Mall, with the Union Gap Police Department responding to the scene around 6:14 p.m.

The wounded individual, identified by local media as a loss prevention officer working at Macy’s, was reportedly shot after an altercation with the suspect. According to Police Chief Greg Cobb, the suspect had allegedly shoplifted from Macy’s and was fleeing the scene when confronted by the officer in the main area of the mall.

The ensuing struggle led to the suspect drawing a handgun and firing twice at the officer before escaping through the mall’s north doors. The officer was subsequently transported to a hospital, although their condition remains undisclosed. The police have not revealed what items the suspect is accused of stealing.

Authorities have released surveillance images of the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous. The public is urged to assist in the manhunt by contacting the Union Gap Police Department or crime stoppers with any information regarding the suspect’s identity or location.

The event has not resulted in any other reported injuries, and the investigation is ongoing. Macy’s has expressed deep regret over the incident, emphasizing the safety of its customers and employees as a top priority and stating its cooperation with local law enforcement.

This incident follows a similar event earlier this month at a Macy’s store in Philadelphia, where two security guards were stabbed, one fatally, in an alleged shoplifting incident.