Teen killed, two injured in mobile home park shooting

PHOENIX, AZ – A teenage boy died, and two other people are in critical condition after a shooting occurred in a mobile home park near 39th Avenue and I-10, Phoenix, on Wednesday afternoon. Several 911 calls streamed in at approximately 3:41 p.m. One of the calls not only reported multiple loud gunshots, but also a car crash. Phoenix Police Sgt. Brian Bower confirmed these reports that were submitted to the department.

Upon investigation, a teenage boy was found dead at the scene. Two other boys, also of teenage age, were found critically wounded and were rushed to a local hospital, where they are expected to recover.

Sgt. Bower estimated that many rounds had been fired, potentially damaging nearby mobile homes. He advised residents to report any signs of bullet damage in their properties, emphasizing the volume of ammunition fired at the scene.

Several witnesses reported hearing the gunshot sounds clearly, including David Torres, who arrived at the scene later. “I just heard the gunshots… we saw the car smashed into the trailer, and everybody just all frantic,” Torres described.

Phoenix Police are currently gathering information from witnesses to gain a better picture of the incident. No suspects have been apprehended, and the motivations leading up to the shooting are unknown. Authorities have not released any names related to the case.

Anyone with relevant information is urged to call Silent Witness to submit tips related to the case.