Tenant kills landlord in violent dispute

HOMESTEAD, FL – A landlord-tenant dispute took a violent turn in Homestead on Monday, resulting in the death of the landlord. Eduardo Darinel Galvez, 22, now faces multiple charges, including second-degree murder and resisting an officer without violence, according to Miami-Dade jail records.

The incident unfolded when the landlord went to the apartment on Southwest 1st Avenue to address multiple complaints about disturbances caused by Galvez within the complex. A verbal altercation between Galvez and the landlord escalated into a physical confrontation, as detailed in the arrest report. Concerned neighbors reported the altercation to the police.

Upon arrival, officers were met with resistance from Galvez. He initially opened the apartment door but quickly shut it while shouting obscenities at the officers. Despite orders to cooperate, Galvez barricaded himself inside. Law enforcement eventually gained access to the apartment and discovered the landlord on the floor with severe injuries, including blunt force trauma, deep lacerations, puncture wounds, and a head fracture. The landlord was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries, as confirmed by Miami-Dade Police. His identity has not been disclosed.

Galvez’s apprehension proved challenging, requiring the use of a Taser on multiple occasions, as stated in the report. Cell phone footage captured officers outside the apartment during the incident, showing the removal of an individual from the scene, although it remains unclear whether it was the victim or the suspect.

Following his arrest, Galvez was taken to Homestead Hospital for a medical evaluation. Information regarding his attorney is currently unavailable.

Neighbors expressed their shock over the tragedy, describing the victim as a good person. They also noted that Galvez had exhibited concerning behavior, frequently heard screaming and yelling when alone. One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, described the disturbances, saying, “It was always bangs. It will always him throwing stuff around. It was always him yelling at nothing.”