Woman arrested for stabbing her grandpa in the face over argument about taking a shower

A 22-year-old woman from Louisiana was taken into custody after allegedly stabbing her grandfather in the face during a heated argument. The incident occurred in Keithville, where Carrington Harris reportedly became agitated when asked to take a shower by her grandparents. The situation escalated quickly, leading to Harris grabbing a kitchen knife and attacking her grandfather. She later fled the scene but was apprehended soon after.

In the wake of a tense exchange with her grandparents on Tuesday, Carrington Harris, 22, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her grandfather in the face at their home in Keithville. The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that the altercation began when Harris was asked to bathe, causing her to react aggressively. She proceeded to vandalize the house and cut off the power supply. When her grandparents tried to restrain her, Harris managed to break free and retrieve a knife from the kitchen. It was then that she allegedly stabbed her grandfather before fleeing into the nearby woods. Law enforcement officers discovered her hiding behind a neighboring residence several hours later. Harris was subsequently booked into the Caddo County Correctional Center, where she is being held without bond.

The identity of the suspect’s grandfather has not been disclosed, but he was transported to the Willis-Knighton South and the Center for Women’s Health in Shreveport, Louisiana, for medical treatment. The sheriff’s office has not provided any updates on his condition following the knife attack.

Meanwhile, Carrington Harris has been charged with domestic abuse battery and domestic abuse battery with a dangerous weapon. It remains unclear whether she has had any previous encounters with law enforcement.