Human head found in freezer of sold home

GRAND JUNCTION, CO – A suspected case of homicide is being investigated by Colorado officials after the discovery of a human head in a freezer. The gruesome find occurred on Friday at a recent home sale in Grand Junction, according to the local Mesa County Sheriff’s Department.

Law enforcement was alerted about the chilling find around 2:30 pm when individuals cleaning the home reported finding what they suspected to be human remains. As of yet, no arrests have been made in connection to the case, nor has the identity of the deceased individual been determined.

Local officials confirmed that the remains belonged to a severed human head. The new homeowner reportedly discovered the head in a deep freezer after posting online about free stuff that people could pick up from the property.

Previous inhabitants of the property included a mother and her son, who had moved out on the same day the house was sold. As of yet, no information on when the new homeowners moved in is available.

While the case remains open and is actively being scrutinized, the Sheriff’s department clarified that they currently perceive no threat to the community linked to this incident. More information is expected to be disclosed as the investigation progresses.